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Ciment FONDU

Ciment  Fondu is a high performance Alumina cement from France that creates cements and mortars that have high mechanical performance can withstand high thermal shock and provide excellent resistance to chemical attack.

Ciment  Fondu has a setting time similar to that of Portland cement, but hardens very rapidly giving concretes high early strength and enabling return to service normally between 6 to 24 hours after placing. Ciment  Fondu can also be laid in sub-zero temperatures.


Main Properties of Ciment  FONDU

• Rapid hardening allow return to service within 6 hours 

 Fast drying times - residual moisture below 3% within 48 hours

• Resistant to extreme temperatures and high thermal shock 

• Provides better resistance to abrasion than Portland cement

• Resistant to corrosion from diluted acids, seawater, sugar solutions,

   greases and fats



Cold store, Ante room, Blast freezer  

Floors and slabs to be covered with resin topping, paint, tiles within

  3 days

Furnace bases, incinerators, fire training areas

Floors in chemical and food processing factories

Construction in seawater areas





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